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N. Ireland Spring Break 3: Update 3

Posted: Wednesday, April 11, 2018


We are having an amazing week together with Richie and the RIOT team. Today (Tuesday) we had the privilege of visiting Tollymore Forest, which is where C.S. Lewis played as a child. Many people think that this is where he gained the inspiration for Narnia. Richie calls Tollymore a “thin place,” which is a place on earth where it seems like the gap between heaven and earth is more thin than it is anywhere else. Our experience definitely lived up to that description when the team had the opportunity to spend hours asking to hear from God and taking time to listen to Him, all while standing in awe of one of His most beautiful creations.

The team also began processing their own personal testimonies today, which was a challenging and rewarding experience for everyone. For many students, this week will be their first opportunity to publically share what God has done in their lives. Watching their bravery, transparency, and reliance on God through the whole process was inspirational. We have spent a ton of time in prayer that God will use these students’ stories to show the students at RIOT what God can do when we surrender to him.

Prayer, prayer, prayer. We have been in so much prayer. For ourselves, for each other, for the country of Northern Ireland, for the Republic of Ireland, for Protestants and Catholics, for RIOT, and for everything in between. We are learning to pray, we are learning to listen to God, and we are learning to do that together. There has been a tremendous amount of growth already this week, and we aren’t even half-way done! Please continue to keep our team in your prayers as we continue to invest in relationships with the staff and students of RIOT.

  • N. Ireland Spring Break 3: Update 3

  • April 07 - April 15, 2018
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