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N. Ireland Spring Break 2: Update 2

Posted: Saturday, March 31, 2018

March 30, 2018
By Brittany Shoemake 

As quickly as the first three days of this trip flew by, the last three days seem to have gone even faster. A lot has happened, and we wish there was a way to share every single story. We’re thankful for the encounters we’re having with Jesus and He’s teaching us a lot about what it means to pray and to seek God’s heart on behalf of a nation.
We’ve heard stories from several local people about how they came to faith and the radical changes the Spirit has made in their lives. Through Jesus, they’re now using their lives to win this country back. The history here is so rich in Christian heritage. However, to many people here now, Christianity is something of the past and in a sense is a part of the “ruins” that still remain today. We’ve been able to go to ruins of monasteries and castles and pray on those specific sites — praying that the Spirit would release a fire to start a revival here in this land. It’s powerful to stand in those strategic places and pray and listen to Jesus.
As we’ve done this, we’ve also been changed and challenged to pray for our own cities and the people we encounter every day. The same way that we’ve prayed and connected to the heart of Jesus can be done at home when we put him at the center.
We spent a day in Belfast walking through different neighborhoods that are separated by “peace walls” to keep the Protestant and Catholic communities separated from each other. We saw murals that represent each side and learned more about the history and tension — often described as racism wrapped in religion. We’ve seen such beauty here this week, and today we saw physically the reality of the brokenness in this country.
Our eyes have seen and our ears have heard the needs of this nation. May Jesus send us back home with eyes and ears to see and hear the needs in our homes.
We still have two more days here and we’re expecting Jesus to continue teaching us and using us.

  • N. Ireland Spring Break 2: Update 2

  • March 23 - April 01, 2018
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