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N. Ireland 3: Update 5

Posted: Friday, July 13, 2018


Yesterday (Thursday) was another incredible day.
We started out our morning by taking a trip to Dundrum Castle. We met a man named Matthew who gave us an extensive demonstration about weapons throughout history. He started with an ordinary stick and progressed to different swords throughout history. Everyone loved it and some even got to participate in the demonstration (see Corbin below).

Unknown-2.jpegAfter lunch we had an opportunity to serve the community by picking up trash along the roads and houses. The outpour of love we received filled our hearts and made us fall more in love with this amazing country.

After dinner, we spent more time with the RIOT teens. From “American soccer” to cards gave and pole. We ended our night like we always do, with worship but this time Ginny and Alex we asked to participate. Along with Finnigan, they brought us into the throne room of God.
We are off for another day of educational site-seeing and can’t wait to update you tomorrow with all the wonderful things we learned today.