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N. Ireland 3: Update 4

Posted: Thursday, July 12, 2018

07_12_NirelandUupdate2.jpegBy Lina Caudill

This week has been absolutely incredible! The spiritual grip that we learning and sharing with others is not only an experience, but is creating friendships within our different aspects and cultures. The life change and stories that are unfolding are connecting everybody and strengthening relationships.
The experiences we have seen and learned about are impeccable. The views and places we have been are truly life-changing and make you want to stay forever. The castles and hikes we have been on are a wee bit hard, but the viewpoints beat them all. The cultural lessons we are learning about Ireland are inspiring and it puts our lives in perspective. Our new Irish friends are also some of the nicest and straight forward people you will ever meet. They are brilliant and are thriving with the Word of God! Praising and worshiping with them is heart-warming and beautiful.