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N. Ireland 3: Update 2

Posted: Tuesday, July 10, 2018

07_10_IrelandUpdate2.jpegWe had a great first day!
It entailed a lot of learning about the history of Ireland and site-seeing. Turns out, we in America celebrate St. Patrick all wrong. So it was super cool to learn how God used Patrick here in Ireland and how he created the first church in Ireland and brought Christianity to a place that had basically zero order to it. People were barbaric, illiterate, and what some would say hopeless here in Ireland. But God called St. Patrick here to show them Christianity and bring them Jesus! Hallelujah! In a way, he saved Ireland. We got to see his statue here that had the most amazing view. We also got to see the site of his first church, Saul Church. And then we ended with St. Patrick’s museum that is dedicated to his life. Overall, it was a day full of awesome (which turns out they don’t use the word awesome here, unless of course talking about God!) information and seeing God’s amazing, beautiful creations here!
To end the day, we hung out at RIOT and got to meet some of their youth that come to the center. We played games, talked, and worshipped Jesus together and it was amazing! Knowing that they have a safe place for Jesus to wrap them up is such a blessing here, and I think all of us can agree that our perspectives have changed already on the first day. We can’t wait to get to know the kids more as the week goes on!
Pray for God to continue working here and for us to be able to show His grace and love.