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N. Ireland 2C: Update 5

Posted: Friday, June 22, 2018

Josie Pritchett

Richie told us about how Northern Ireland has several “thin spaces” where he said Heaven and Earth just seems to converge and God’s presence is undeniably clear. We went to Tollymore Forest where a lot of people said that they felt God there, that it was their thin space. But the next day, we went to a lighthouse where the water was crashing on these giant rocks and we all ventured out to spend time with God. That was my thin space. It was incredibly peaceful and time seemed to stop. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. There’s a song called “So Will I,” and some lyrics say: “If all creation speaks your name, then so will I.” It kept running through my head while I was there.
Each night we’ve been challenged to give a short testimony to the youth of Northern Ireland. I haven’t shared mine yet, but many of the stories people have shared have all really resonated with me. The conversations I’ve had have shown me that I’m never alone in my struggles, and it’s giving me the confidence and courage to go up there and share my story as well. The youth are awesome and funny and I’m miles and miles from my comfort zone, but I’m still managing to connect with them and it’s all because of God, not because of me. He is my strength, and we’ve been praying all week to give him total control. I realized a couple days ago that the youth center is also a thin space because I can feel God’s Holy Spirit there.