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N. Ireland 2C: Update 2

Posted: Thursday, June 21, 2018

We journeyed through more of Ireland's history to better understand the "Troubles" that occurred in the 1960-1980s. We heard about the "Agreement" for peace among the two groups and how recently this has become more difficult with the government's incomplete work. It is complex, and the Gospel is so needed to bring reconciliation.
We walked, prayed, journaled and laughed through Tollymoore Forest. This brought refreshment and prepared us for our second night with the youth at RIOT. There were more natural greetings as we moved past the first night of awkwardness and acceptance. Three more team members shared bits of their stories with the whole group. I am encouraged by the boldness of each person to say: “This is my experience and how God is working in me.” Other team members are building friendships and creating opportunities for deeper conversations.