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Kenya Update 6

Posted: Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Yo yo yo, its Liz and Sierra here! What’s poppin’?  Today we went to El Shaddai academy.  They have kids from pre-school to high school, and each class had around 20 students.  They were super excited to see all of us mzungus (white people).  After teaching us how to dance, sing, and speak Swahili, they wanted us to teach them.  Many of us sang American songs to the children to help them learn about our culture.  Before lunch, we sat as the kids entertained us with dances and theatrical performances.  After lunch we had a fun time worshiping with the kids.  Even though we didn’t know most of the songs, it was fantastic to learn.  To celebrate Max’s ( birthday, we sang him happy birthday, multiple times, and ate some delicious Kenyan cake.  That was a great end to our day! Thanks for your prayers and support! :D

Signing out, Liz and Sierra!