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Kenya Update: 6

Posted: Monday, July 02, 2018

07_02_kenya_update.JPGBy Maddie McCray
Hi! My name is Maddie, and this is a story about how God has been working in my life on this trip.
Last Sunday, I met a very sweet girl named Abigail. She introduced me to her mom and I got to know a little bit about their story. During church, Abigail asked to use my Bible and as soon as I handed it to her, she wrote her name on the very first page. Then, she asked me if she could keep the Bible. I felt so bad, but I knew that I couldn’t give it to her because then every kid would want one. I talked with the Jacaranda ladies after church and they said that I could give the Bible to Abigail on Friday. That afternoon, the team went for coffee at Java House. While we were there, one of the girls was looking at the list of kids that need a sponsor. As soon as I glanced at the list, Abigail’s big brown eyes and soft smile immediately caught my eye. It broke my heart seeing a girl that I had bonded with still needed a sponsor. As soon as I got the chance, I called my mom and told her about how much it would mean to me if we could sponsor Abigail. Thankfully, my mom agreed to sponsor her!!! In that moment I was just so in awe of how God brought Abigail and me together. Today was the day I got to give her the Bible!! I wrote a note in the front cover that reminded her that she is beautiful and loved. Being able to give her the Bible was so amazing and knowing that she was sponsored as well just made it a million times better. I’ve prayed that she uses that Bible as a tool and a place that she can go to when she is happy, or sad, or angry, or scared. God placed us in each other’s lives during this trip, and I have been so incredibly blessed to be a part of this experience!