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Trip Updates

Kenya Update 4

Posted: Monday, June 24, 2019

Hey ya’ll, Emma and Riley here with our next trip update! We had the opportunity to go to the Jacaranda school today. We got to experience the kids’ joy first hand. The kids, who were aged between preschool and 4th grade, were extremely happy to see us. We spent most of the day singing, dancing, playing and telling stories. Sierra brought hand made jump ropes for the kids and they were ecstatic to play with them. I [Riley] brought friendship bracelets for the kids and was overwhelmed by their enthusiastic response. They continued to wear them throughout the day and made sure to show theirs to everyone. We said goodbye to the kids and had a very Kenyan drive home. We ended the day playing some games of spicy uno and eating delicious food (chapati—look it up, its yummy!) Stay tuned for an update from Syd and Kat!