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Kenya Update: 4

Posted: Wednesday, June 27, 2018

06_24_KenyaUpdate.JPGBy Zea Maroon
Unity is the state of being united or joined as a whole in harmony. Our team has seen unity in every corner of Kenya that we have stepped into so far within the Engage team, the Jacaranda community, and the culture of Nairobi. Our team was united from the start and has grown together to serve God’s people and to process what that means for us as believers. We have been served by the Jacaranda community as they welcome us into their homes and churches to have fellowship and to share their testimonies with us. Nairobi itself is of a culture that is driven by unity. Neighbors and community members love and care for us just as they do every day for each other.
Here in Kenya, unity matters because church matters. On Sunday, we got the chance to attend Jacaranda Community church and to worship alongside its members. We spent time in fellowship during “swallowship” as we drank tea and shared cookies with each other. We got the chance to meet with many members of the church and their children to hear their stories and love on them. With passion and joy, they shared their love of Christ and the church with each other and with us. During the service, we danced and shouted praises to the King. We thanked Him for bringing us to Kenya to serve His people, while they thanked Him for blessing them in the midst of their struggles. We heard a sermon from Pastor Joseph and afterward were able to watch in awe as the children competed in the first ever “Bible Challenge” at the church. The children were asked to answer questions about the Bible and recite verses from memory. They even outsmarted us in some of their answers! We united for lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon in fellowship with the Lord’s people at the Jacaranda church.
Uniting as a community and as a church is important in the Kenyan culture. We have learned about the significance of this as we listened to testimonies in each home visit about how much the church matters to them and how much God can work through the love of a neighbor or friend to bring peace when there seems to be no hope. In Kenya, unity matters because church matters. We have been blessed to have gotten the chance to see the love of the church in action as we share the week with the beautiful people here. We can’t wait to share more about our trip with you!