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Ireland Update: 2

Posted: Tuesday, July 17, 2018

07_17_IrelandUpdateNew.jpgThe past two days we’ve walked over 13 miles, handed out hundreds of flyers for upcoming church events, had tons of wonderful conversations with our Irish brothers and sisters, learned more and more about the culture and history of the people here, worked on different areas of the church sanding doors, painting, washing windows, pulling weeds, cutting down branches, buffing floors, and so on. We’ve definitely put in some sweat equity, and we can easily say God has opened our eyes and hearts to the work He’s doing here through Elevate Community Church.
We’re over halfway through our trip, and it’s been an absolute joy. Each member of the team brings a unique skill and asset to the team, it’s no wonder why we’ve already grown close through our little adventure and journey. Continue praying for us as we learn just as much about ourselves through this experience than we dare to imagine—which often reveals some beautiful and ugly truths we didn’t know existed.
Pray for Elevate. They’re doing amazing work in this community. They’re a beacon of hope for those weary of religion. Pray for Dermot, his wife Marie, and for Justin and Laura, the families ministering to the community. Pray for the many volunteers who also pour in many hours to help make Elevate the wonderful force that it is.
Until next time, Grace & Peace.