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Ireland MOVE Update 3

Posted: Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Monday was incredible and a day we’d been looking forward to and praying into for a long time. And it didn’t disappoint. After breakfast and our morning quiet time we went as a team and covered the whole campus in prayer before the week of MOVE started. We started in the cafeteria, then went to the leader area and CIY staff office. Next we went to the small groups rooms and then to the dorm rooms where all student would be sleeping. Then we went to the cafe and then outside to the recreations fields. The next stop was into the gym where the main sessions are held to pray over each seat, knowing that each chair represents a soul who is coming to MOVE this week. We finished by each spreading out and walking outside around the whole campus grounds. We prayed prayers for God to break through hearts and walls, for protection from the enemy, for laughter, for relationships and connections, for God to do miracles, for fun, for freedom from bondage, and so much more. We prayed the whole morning up until lunch time. It was powerful. 

In the afternoon, the Irish groups started arriving on campus and getting settled into the dorms. It was almost immediate that our team split up and started making introductions and chatting and playing games and already building relationships with the other young people. We all had dinner together and then the first session of MOVE. Jasper preached and we heard pieces of his story as he gave us an intro for the week of Elijah’s story from the Old Testament, and ultimately how we’re all called into God’s story. God’s presence was felt throughout the room and it was moving to be a part of this first ever event in Ireland. Surreal in a lot of ways for our team. 

After the session we had debrief and group time to share about how we experienced God throughout the day. We talked about the prayer walk and then about the new friends we are starting to make within the Irish groups. After group time was more hang out time with all the other young people. We’ll have late nights here at MOVE (lights out isn’t until 1:00am!), but it’s allowing for so much time to interact and build relationships and have meaningful conversations. 

It was a good, good day. Thank you for your continual prayers. Pray that as we begin day 2 of MOVE that the young people here will be open for what the Spirit has for them today. That they’ll be honest with themselves of the areas they need to trust God more. 

We are so grateful to be here. Our anticipation keeps building and we’re so expectant for God to move in very real ways.