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Honduras Spring Break Update 7

Posted: Saturday, March 23, 2019

Friday was our last full day here in Honduras and it ran the spectrum of both hard and relaxing. The morning began at the children’s hospital here in Tegucigalpa. It’s the largest hospital in the country so kids from as far as 12 hours away were there to receive treatment. Our team split into groups and made our way through several rooms stopping at each bed to talk with the kids and pray over them. The conditions ranged from broken bones (which kept them hospitalized for a few months) to the cancer unit where some kids had reached the point where treatment was no longer being effective. The goal of the morning was to bring a sense of joy to those rooms, a joy that can only come from Jesus in moments like that. We left the hospital with stories that made us laugh and stories that made us cry. The kids and parents made a lasting impact on us and it’s our hope that in some way our smiles were a reflection of Jesus and his presence that is there in that place. 

We left the hospital and drove to a quaint, popular little town called Valle de Angeles that is known for its touristy shops and restaurants. We ate delicious pupusas for lunch and then had the afternoon to relax and walk around the shops and city park. Most people on the team loaded up on souvenirs and gifts to take back with them. We ended our time out by going to dinner at a place that served some of the largest steaks we’d ever seen in our lives! Each meal was split between two people and most of the girls still couldn’t even finish. I say most, because it was actually two girls (shout-out to Cass and Lilly) who finished their whole steak first! On the other hand, the guys on the team didn’t mind being the human garbage disposals and finishing up what the other girls couldn’t finish. Such a good meal! The food here in Honduras has been amazing.

We ended the day like the other days with having some worship and then team debrief. We reflected on the week and the work God is doing that we got to be a part of here. Even in stories of brokenness and desperation, God is still good and we were able to see evidence of that goodness this week. We also talked about what it’s going to be like going back home and the person we want to be after having an experience like we did this week. As we’ve been serving and learning here, God has been doing work on each of our hearts as well. We have an expanded view of God’s Kingdom and the Church. We’ve dug deeper into words such as “mission” and “poverty” and been challenged to see those differently than we have before. God is so much bigger than we could imagine and we’re grateful and honored to be a part of the story he’s writing here and at home and all over the world. 

Thanks for praying over this trip with us and for us. Our prayer is that God was honored this week and that our time here was another seed planted in this country of beautiful landscape and even more beautiful people.

  • Honduras Spring Break Update 7

  • March 15 - March 23, 2019
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