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Honduras Spring Break Update 4

Posted: Wednesday, March 20, 2019

As we are nearing the midway point of the trip, we’re becoming more and more aware of the work that God is doing here in Honduras. The more places we go and the more people we meet, we’re reminded of how big God’s Kingdom is and how beautiful the Church is as it connects all of us.

Today we went to another mountain village, Las Botijas, where more of Hill Climber Coffee is farmed. We severed alongside Rony (the farm manager) and other locals to help move several projects forward for the farm. Our team was split into a few different groups—some mixing concrete, some digging and carrying dirt to level a floor, some building a bathroom, and some digging holes for coffee to be planted this Spring. During our lunch break Rony shared more about the farm and the process all of the coffee goes through, from the plant to the cups of coffee that we drink. We were all blown away to learn just how much work and time each coffee bean goes through. Rony moved to the area to manage the farm, but as he built relationships with the farm workers and began sharing Christ with them, there grew the need for a church. So right on the property of the farm they’ve built a church and several of the farm workers now attend and Rony is the pastor. As Rony talked about the church it was so easy to draw the connection—the farm isn’t just about the coffee; it’s a means to give people jobs, build relationships with them, and share the Gospel. Rony’s heart isn’t to grow the coffee farm into a big business, it’s about growing the church and leading people to Jesus. 

Though today we did a lot of hard work with Rony and the others, we left with more than just #####, sweating clothes and a few sunburns. We walked away being encouraged of seeing yet another glimpse of how the Spirit is moving here. What an honor and privilege it is to be a part of the Church.

  • Honduras Spring Break Update 4

  • March 15 - March 23, 2019
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