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Dominican Republic Update 2

Posted: Monday, June 17, 2019

Our team had a busy and very moving Sunday. We started off by attending El Circulo church. I think most if our team was surprised by how much this felt like our church at home, aside from being in Spanish. We were lead through an awesome time of worship where we even recognized some of the songs. The pastor then spoke about true worship to God. We were given headphones and listened to the service with a translator. Everyone we have come in contact with have been so welcoming and friendly.

In the afternoon yesterday we had the privilege of visiting a leprosy colony. What an amazing opportunity for all of us to learn about true joy in Christ. 

Our team continues to share their hearts and what God is teaching them. We are also having a lot of fun playing cards and games during breaks. I'm looking forward to today as we get ready to head to a girls orphanage.