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Dominican Republic Spring Break Update 5

Posted: Friday, April 05, 2019

Thursday was the third day of our stretch in Cotui. We had a similar day as the ones before with going to the school and doing Bible lessons and activities with the kids, while the other half of the team worked at the house. With it being the third day in the same small village, it’s fun to recognize faces and remember names. It’s so special when someone we’ve briefly met calls us out by name. We saw the smiles on people’s faces as this happened over and over.

The afternoon was one of the warmest we’ve had since being here so for the afternoon we did a lot of switching in and out as people worked at the house. In debrief that night it was talked about several times how awesome it’s been to work alongside the local guys. It’s the Church building this house. 

We got back into Santo Domingo in time for dinner at the mission house. Right after dinner and some clean up everyone went to Jumbo, a very large store that sells almost anything you can imagine. We first stopped by the bank that’s in the store to exchange money for the market tomorrow. Then we all go to shop for snacks and some got some very delicious ice cream at a shop inside Jumbo. We finished the evening like the other nights with a team debrief with every person talking about things they’re learning and processing. This has been such a good time to see how God is revealing new things to our team and in turn we’re all learning from each other as each person shares. We’re so, so grateful for the ways God is working on this trip, in our hearts and in the lives of the people we’re serving with. We can’t believe tomorrow is already Friday, but we’re ready to soak up all that Jesus still has for us here.

  • Dominican Republic Spring Break Update 5

  • March 31 - April 07, 2019
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