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Dominican Republic 2: Update 2

Posted: Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Hola amigos y familia!
Hello friends and family!
It’s Tuesday morning around 9:30 a.m., and all is well in Santo Domingo. We are receiving the remnants of what was previously hurricane Beryl – mainly a lot of rain and some loud thunder throughout the night last night. Because of all the rain, our plans have been changed for the day, but we are still excited and expectant for what God has in store for each of us throughout this next week.
Yesterday we got to meet several new friends from El Círculo and from International Justice Mission, one of CIY’s main partners here in the Dominican Republic. We learned a lot about their work here in the country and how God has blessed their efforts toward justice beyond measure since establishing and office here in 2014.
That’s all for now! Hasta luego!

P.S. We are all LOVING the local food here. Some of us were admittedly a bit nervous about trying new foods in this new-to-us culture, but we have been very pleasantly surprised!

  • Dominican Republic 2: Update 2

  • July 07 - July 17, 2018
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