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Dominican Republic 1: Update 9

Posted: Sunday, July 01, 2018

On Friday, before we prepare to make our homeward journey, we were able to continue our work at Bethesda. The walls were completed up to the point where they would need steel reinforcement for a window and doors. One of the three walls was completed to the ceiling level. The next two Dominican Engage trips will continue our projects at Catui and Bethesda. This is a great benefit of partnering with El Circulo for three trips this summer. We are able to accommodate many more local goals and needs over 30 total days versus just 10 on a single trip. It is great to be a part a much bigger group of people when it comes to meeting needs.
Our teams have been talking through our work days, and we are not completely sure who learned the most from our work with El Circulo. We suspect God has used this trip to open our hearts and minds as much if not more than those we met at Catui and Bethesda.
Our final debrief was with El Circulo, and afterwards they gave us a surprise of going to eat sushi in a local Christian-owned restaurant. It was a great send-off, and there were a few long goodbyes started after dinner. The owner and a second pastor prayed over CIY before we left for the hostile and packing around 11 p.m. After a final culture conversation, we shared a few highlight quotes from the week before packing, snacking, and our 2 a.m. bus loading session.

We leave at 3 a.m. Saturday for the airport.

  • Dominican Republic 1: Update 9

  • June 20 - June 30, 2018
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