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Cambodia medical update 3

Posted: Saturday, January 06, 2018

Jan 6, 2018
Katie Bayes, RN

We have arrived in Cambodia!! After our plane got in this morning, we dropped our bag off at the hotel and headed to the Tuol Sleng genocide museum.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the atrocities committed by the Khmer Rouge in the 1970’s (as I was until last year), I highly recommend spending some time to research this dark part of Cambodia’s past. Millions of people were murdered or disappeared under the cruel regime, often under false pretenses, never to be heard from again. This visit was solemn and heavy, but helped to add context to the struggles of Cambodia. Please pray for the many lives that have been touched by this tragic past- for those who lived through the Khmer Rouge to have space to process and heal, to find the peace of Jesus, and for the younger generations to learn from the past and bring hope and healing to the future.  In today’s turbulent world, we all have a lot to learn from places like Tuol Sleng, that persecuting those whose ideas are different than ours leads down a dark and dangerous road.

We then had lunch at a local restaurant that uses its business as a way to train & empower  women with job skills, and then spent some time in the Russian Market, a covered market that had stalls selling everything from clothes to tea pots to tires and so much more! We are having dinner in a bit then will head to Women’s Island for Church and clinic in the morning! Please pray for the continued health of our team, for the clinic tomorrow to open the door to new relationships, and for Jesus to be glorified through it all!

  • Cambodia medical update 3

  • January 04 - January 15, 2018
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