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Cambodia 2 Update: 1

Posted: Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Courtesy Encounter Campus Ministry
May 22, 2018 

We got an early start this morning, which was hopefully not too torturous - I think most of us are feeling less jet lag effects, but man does the heat make us tired!
Our day started with a devotion time with the staff at Rapha House. Chris and Matt did a great job encouraging the staff with the Word of God. The staff at Rapha House are majority Khmer people, and they include counselors, house mothers and teachers who are dedicated to serving and helping the girls who have been rescued. It’s a difficult job and it’s a priority that their staff are healthy so that they can do their jobs well, so our prayers are not only appreciated but needed. Please pray for these wonderful men and women who have dedicated their lives to helping others ¬– we love them so much!
In the afternoon, some girls from the “small house” came swimming with us! All of these girls have special needs and were also rescued from trafficking – they stay at a separate house from the main safe house.
It was so fun to see the girls enjoying the water. They were great swimmers!
Lastly, we went back to the safe house in Battambang to spend one last evening with the girls. Autumn and Gaby led a devotion, we made bracelets and danced with the girls. Saying goodbye was very difficult. We cannot make promises to the girls that we will be back, mainly because none of us know if we will or not and we don’t want to make promises we can’t keep. After many hugs and exchanges of “I love you, sister!” we headed out the gates. Our journals will help us keep the memories of those sweet faces.
Tomorrow we head to Siem Reap to see how Rapha House has grown. Thank you for your continued prayers!