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Northern Ireland Salt Factory 2 Update 3

Posted: Wednesday, July 24, 2019

We’re having a blast here in Northern Ireland and Monday and Tuesday were so much fun! Monday morning we started our first club at a local primary school with kids ages 5-11. They’re split into 3 age groups and our team is split up leading each group. Throughout the time at the club we rotate through songs, games, Bible lessons, crafts, and snacks. We have a really fun amp up song called The Monkey that wears us plum out, but is so much fun doing with the kids. 

In the evenings we’ve gone to St Columba’s church to do a shortened version of the club, a Holiday Bible Club. People at the church are serving along with us in different capacities and we’re really enjoying doing this together. 

We’re learning kids’ names and getting to know more about them. We’ve even been able to have some meaningful conversations about church and Jesus throughout the clubs. We’ve even come to recognize that we have much to learn from the kids and they each bear the image of Christ. We can see characteristics of Jesus in them. 

Our team has bonded together really well and we’re no longer people from different places and different churches....we’ve blended in some beautiful ways and feel a lot more like family. It’s a great picture of the Church. It’s been so fun getting to know each other better. 

Everyone has been so great at jumping in and doing things with servant attitudes. The need here for Jesus is obvious, but we’ve also been able to see the ways that God is already at work. We’re getting to join in with that for this week and it’s an honor to be here. 

Thanks for your continued prayers. The days are long, and honestly, kids are exhausting. But we know it’s Jesus who is continuing to renew our energy each day and we’re thankful for your prayers around us. 

  • Northern Ireland Salt Factory 2 Update 3

  • July 18 - July 29, 2019
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