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2019 Northern Ireland RIOT 4 Update 3

Posted: Tuesday, July 09, 2019

From Dru Denny: 

Our day was full of lots of learning about the start of Christianity in Ireland. After waking up, we all headed down to the dining room for breakfast. After breakfast, a few individuals helped to clean up while the rest went to spend some alone time with God and his word, through a devotional. Then we headed up to the youth centre, where Richie talked to us about leading spiritual conversations and we watched a documentary on Saint Patrick. We headed back to the guesthouse to pack sack lunches for our journey ahead. 

After a short drive, we hiked up Slieve Patrick to get a closer look at the Catholic statues of Mary and Jesus on the cross. During this time we learned about how Saint Patrick’s legacy and teachings were turned from Christianity, which is what he intended, to Catholicism. After our hike, we headed to the Saul church, which was Saint Patrick’s first church, to eat our packed lunches. After our lunch, an adult member of our group shared a piece of their faith story. As we headed out, many students signed the church’s guestbook. After, we went to Down Patrick, where we exchanged our money before heading over to the Saint Patrick Centre. At the museum, we went through the Saint Patrick Exhibition. Once we had finished the exhibition tour, we visited the Down Cathedral and Saint Patrick’s supposed burial site. We returned home to a lovely dinner of bratwurst sandwiches and seasoned potato wedges. We went over to the youth centre to hang out with the local youth, playing cards and just talking to them. After hanging out for an hour or two, a few of the student members of our team shared a bit of their story to the group. The rest of our night consisted of some worship time in the youth centre, as well as some reflecting on our day with our team and some of the RIOT team during “His Time” before we headed off to bed. 

  • 2019 Northern Ireland RIOT 4 Update 3

  • July 05 - July 15, 2019
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