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2019 Northern Ireland RIOT 3 Update 1

Posted: Sunday, June 23, 2019

We arrived in Dublin on Friday morning, June 21. This was preceded by our planning, praying and packing. Upon landing and making our way out to meet our mission partner, we were greeted with rays of sunshine to warm us and a cool morning air.

We journeyed from the airport to the city of Dundrum, where we will be staying, laughing and learning from Richie and others. He is our mission partner and director of R.I.O.T.

Our first day included a few stops along the way to learn about the history of Ireland, culture, and grab a coffee. Lunch, followed by a 'wee dander' walk in our town, led us to some important time of learning more about our team and what we are hopeful to learn while here. Our Friday came to a close with the outreach for youth in the community. Playing soccer, cards, throwing the frisbee and talking allowed us the opportunity to meet more people, many we will spend time with all next week.

A night of sleep, desperately needed by all, was the final piece to our first days of travel. We are thankful to be in this place, to train for kingdom work, asking God to teach us and praying that he will continue to do a great work in Northern Ireland.

  • 2019 Northern Ireland RIOT 3 Update 1

  • June 20 - June 30, 2019
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