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2019 Northern Ireland RIOT 2 Update 2

Posted: Monday, June 10, 2019


Sunday here in Northern Ireland. After a full night’s sleep, the team gathered for breakfast and then made their way to Newcastle Presbyterian Church for the Sunday morning service. The 150 year old church, and her 30 year old pastor, were extremely welcoming. The sanctuary was full by the time the service started and even though our group didn’t know most of the traditional songs, we were still encouraged by the vibrant community. After post-service tea, we returned to RIOT for a full lunch and an afternoon of conversation and learning. Sunday evening brought another opportunity to join a congregation, this time in Belfast at Christian Fellowship Church. The refurbished building and string lights that hung from the ceiling created a vibe that felt similar to a young adult service you’d wander into in the States. The order of service was completely different from the morning’s as the band played several contemporary worship songs our group knew by heart. However, the mood was just as encouraging and uplifting as the traditional service a few hour earlier. We reflected before bed that all cultures are diverse and you find differences in worship and expression around every corner. 

  • 2019 Northern Ireland RIOT 2 Update 2

  • June 07 - June 17, 2019
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