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2019 Cambodia 1 Update 6

Posted: Sunday, June 02, 2019

Yesterday we had a soul filled day of morning devotions with Rapha House staff and a tuk tuk ride around the city of Battambang to see how those that live around the area work. From making rice paper, to sticky rice in bamboo shoots, to the sweet treats house where cakes for weddings are made. We were able to ask questions and try the different foods. The team was AMAZING at eating what was offered and asking good questions. We spent some time at another killing field and memorial from the genocide. We also got to treat the special needs girls to treats and swimming for a few hours in the hotel pool. Lots of splashing and laughing and fun to be had. We ended our final night with the Battambang Rapha House girls. We played and prayed and worshiped together all cuddled up on the porch while it softly rained around us. The presence of God was strong and sweet as we spent our final minutes together. With some last minute dance party music we gave our hugs, said our final goodbyes, and cried on the bus back to the hotel. After a good debrief over dinner on the roof of the hotel we headed to our rooms to pack and sleep for a long travel day ahead. 

Today was a solid travel day, although many struggled with slight sickness. We were able to tour the silk farm and see how traditional silk is made. We then made it (after several hours on a bumpy yet adventurous road) to our hotel where we were able to rest, grab some dinner, walk through the night market, and end our day with going to the movies. All are tucked in right for a long day tomorrow of church and visiting Angkor Wat.