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Prayer of the Week

Our Engage team at Christ In Youth believes that it is important to consistently engage your students’ hearts and minds with what is happening around the world. We also believe in the power of prayer. We have created a free weekly resource that you can use as a programming element during your youth group meeting times. You can also visit this site regularly for updates to see how God is answering our collective prayers to affect change in the hurting places of the world. Would you join with us in prayer? Would you join with us in engaging a generation of students’ hearts and minds with what is happening around them and the power of their God to do something about it?

Prayer of the Week

  • MONDAY, OCT. 7, 2019

    Turmoil hits Haiti

    Heavenly Father, We lift up our hearts and prayers for the country of Haiti. The protests have turned violent in the face of the political unrest. Families are living without power and struggling to get groceries. There doesn’t seem to be any hope for the people, and we’ve seen desperation turn to looting and other criminal behavior. This is a people crying out for help. We trust you, Lord. We know you hold this hurt and dying world in your hands. Please give us the strength to endure your will. Enable us to do your

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  • MONDAY, SEPT. 30, 2019

    Desperate times for refugees in Greece

    Lord, Our hearts are broken for the refugee families in Greece. There are 85,000 people – mostly from Syria – who have sought asylum in Greece and met overcrowded camps and situations that have turned violent. We ask you to ease the tension in this situation. Please let your hope bring peace to these families and their outlook for the future. Let them experience your love and mighty power in ways that make your goodness undeniable. We ask these things in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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  • MONDAY, SEPT. 23, 2019

    Hear our prayers at the pole

    Father God,  Thank you for always showing us your will through the Holy Spirit. Its indescribable power not only connects us with you but with each other. Let that power help us grow closer together on Wednesday as thousands of students participate in the “See You at the Pole” event. Please hear our prayers surrounded by this year’s theme “If …” and make us bold to speak them in our communities. Let us bring honest hearts to shine your hope and love with those around us. Let us welcome whoever wants to

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  • MONDAY, SEPT. 16, 2019

    Prejudice turns violent in South Africa

    Heavenly Father, When you sent your Son Jesus to earth, He broke every barrier we could ever know – including prejudice. We lift our hearts and our prayers for the people in South Africa suffering from the violence due to prejudice that applies to religion, race and nationality. So many are living lives in fear, their businesses and livelihoods are being destroyed and looted, and hundreds have had to evacuate their homes because they were unsafe. We ask you to let the Holy Spirit sweep over this nation. Speak through the leaders to begin only the

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  • MONDAY, SEPT. 9, 2019

    How to pray for high schoolers

    Lord in Heaven,  Hear our prayers for high schoolers. Please reveal your presence in students’ lives in new and powerful ways. Remind them who they are in your eyes and that their interests, achievements and mistakes do not define them. Reveal to them ways to do Kingdom work in their schools. We ask you to guide and protect students as they experience learning, explore social circles and discover new depths of their faith. Let high schoolers be your light to their peers, teachers and other staff members of their schools. We know your mighty hand in

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