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Prayer of the Week

Our Engage team at Christ In Youth believes that it is important to consistently engage your students’ hearts and minds with what is happening around the world. We also believe in the power of prayer. We have created a free weekly resource that you can use as a programming element during your youth group meeting times. You can also visit this site regularly for updates to see how God is answering our collective prayers to affect change in the hurting places of the world. Would you join with us in prayer? Would you join with us in engaging a generation of students’ hearts and minds with what is happening around them and the power of their God to do something about it?

Prayer of the Week

  • MONDAY, MARCH 18, 2019

    God, be present in our online voice

    Lord,  We live in an age of instant communication with the world, and regrettably, the internet makes us vulnerable to place our brokenness on display for the world to see. The world was watching when hate crested into violence in New Zealand recently.  As your children, we seek to please you and dwell in your presence – this means in our communities as well as our online communities. We ask you to convict our hearts to not use words of anger. Let us reflect only your goodness. Allow us to see your beauty everywhere, and

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  • MONDAY, MARCH 11, 2019

    Guide safe travel this Spring Break season

    Lord, We thank you for your daily blessings and praise you for always guiding and protecting us in our travels. We ask for you to journey alongside us specifically this Spring Break season. Please let your goodness be apparent in all we do – in both work and fun on our missions – and present opportunities for us to share what you have done in our lives with others. Remove our restlessness and anxiety we may face in our travel. Fill us with boldness and power through the Holy Spirit. Spark a joy within us as we take

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  • MONDAY, MARCH 4, 2019

    A prayer for Venezuelans

    Lord, We continue to lift up our prayers for the people of Venezuela. The economy remains in a state of crisis and citizens have begun to abandon their country – many leaving behind elderly members of their families. Our hearts are broken for the pain of these families. Medicine is expensive and oftentimes unavailable, and hope is dwindling for so many people. We ask you as the Heavenly Father to let your children know you have not forsaken them. Grant peace and hope to those who seek you. Let your light be seen in this dark

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  • MONDAY, FEB. 25, 2019

    Australian farmers suffer huge losses

    Lord, Please hear our prayers for the farmers and ranchers in northern Queensland, Australia. The cattle industry faces a crisis after the massive flood waters have claimed a third of the livestock in the country. It will take an estimated three years to recover from the loss, and some farmers must restart their livelihoods from scratch. We ask you to give the people peace, hope and encouragement in this dark time. Let them see your goodness and presence as they recover from the flood. Please bless their efforts and let their victories glorify your name

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  • MONDAY, FEB. 18, 2019

    Haiti faces crisis

    Lord, We lift up the country of Haiti to you.  There are reports of violence, crimes, protests, economic crisis and even deaths caused by the unrest.  We pray you wrap your loving arms around the Haitian people. Put into place the beginning stages of peaceful resolution between the citizens and the government. Please guide leaders and let them make wise and compassionate decisions. Send the Holy Spirit to spread forgiveness and let this place see your grace.  We ask you hold CIY’s ministry partners close and let those who call upon your name be

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