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Engage offers trips to train high school and college students to be Kingdom workers by introducing them to missional leaders, creating intentional service experiences and engaging them with other people of diverse cultures.

Traveling on an International trip with Engage is one of the most intense and rewarding experiences a high school or college student can have. It’s also one of the best ways to train a student to be a Kingdom worker. By working alongside missionaries in foreign countries, students learn how to engage other cultures – not only to share the good news of Jesus, but also in understanding how other people groups think and act and participate in their own Kingdom work within their communities.

Students traveling on an International trip will participate in intentional training before, during and after the trip. Not only will God awaken their Kingdom worker potential while on an International trip, but their training will prepare them to return home and put into practice the intentional skills and abilities for which God has created them in their own homes, schools, churches, communities and spheres of influence.

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