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Thank You For Your Interest In Christ In Youth

We welcome you to a huge family of believers who continue to help us amplify Christ's call on students' lives to be Kingdom workers. With your support we are able to reach more and more students every year – and now you are also a Kingdom worker as you help us reach them through your generosity.

Please see below the many options you have for helping Christ In Youth with your donation. We thank you in advance for your generosity and please know that you also have an open invitation to see any of our events. Simply contact the CIY offices and let us know when and where you would like to visit. Blessings!

Kingdom Workers

Today's generation of young people are searching - for someone to love them, for a place in this world and for a purpose to their lives. Christ is calling them to a life of purpose in His Kingdom, and CIY helps amplify that call. Through CIY programs and events, young people not only learn how to put Kingdom work into action, but also how to become Kingdom workers in every moment of their lives - eventually taking that Kingdom work into every corner of the world.

Kendi, 12, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Kendi is a 12-year old girl who started a non-profit organization called Kendi's Cows of Grace - a livelihood project that aims to provide impoverished countries with cows, goats and chickens. She decided to start this ministry after she heard of other students being Kingdom workers.

Kassidy, 14, Ohio

Kassidy is an eighth grader who spent most of her junior high years as a bully who gossiped about other girls and went out of her way to tear others down. After a Believe experience, she realized that God created her to love others. She chose to become an unselfish person and now goes out of her way to encourage other people. She’s become a leader in her youth group and uses her big personality to help others feel happy and to point others to Jesus.

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