Amplifying Christ's Call To Be Kingdom Workers.

We call youth to Christ and into lives of Kingdom work through His church.

We Believe Young People Are Made For Kingdom Work.

God has uniquely created each of us with special gifts, talents and abilities that He wants us to use for His Kingdom. When young generations understand and embrace Christ's call on their lives, they mobilize in ways that affect change all over the world. Why does CIY amplify Christ's call on a student's life to be a Kingdom worker? Because they are made for it.

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We reach young people through His church by providing age-intentional events, reimagined international mission trips, and interactive resources all created and rooted in the Gospel.

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The Call To Kingdom Work Is For Everybody.

Help the ministry of CIY reach millions of young people around the world who are desperate for the hope of Christ. There are so many ways to partner with the ministry – through prayer, through promotion and through providing of your finances and resources.

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