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Last Update: August 18

Important Update about 2021 SuperStart and Believe Tours

Thank you for your support of Christ In Youth and your unwavering belief that Kingdom work never stops. Youth pastors and church leaders have demonstrated incredible grit over the last few months. We know you are planning and re-planning for the upcoming school year, and we want you to be aware of an adjustment to the CIY calendar.

Today we are announcing the suspension of the Winter/Spring 2021 SuperStart and Believe tours.

Since May, our team has been using three questions to guide nearly every decision: Is it safe? Is it possible? Is it wise? In full transparency, here are our answers to those questions regarding Winter/Spring 2021 events:

Is it safe? With the information available to us right now, we do not believe it is safe to hold large gatherings of 1,000+ students.

Is it possible? Honestly, we don’t know. Communities are battling the pandemic at different intensities and local guidelines change week to week. What is possible this week could become unfathomable next week.

Is it wise? After a lot of prayers and strategizing, we determined that we can’t responsibly invest hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars into preparing these events.

Hear from Jayson French, CIY's President, for more on this decision:

It’s not a perfect decision, but based on the information we have today, we believe this is the best possible decision for your church and CIY. We would love nothing more than to hang out with your preteens and junior highers and watch the Holy Spirit work. We’re sad we won’t get to witness His work in your students firsthand, but we’re confident that good things are in store for your ministry this year.

We expect that we will return to large gatherings in the future and are planning to hold on-site MOVE and MIX events in the summer of 2021.

In the meantime, we are deploying our creative teams to build products that meet the needs of youth ministries 365 days a year, no matter what restrictions might be in place. We can’t wait to tell you about what we’re working on very soon.

Be sure to join the CIY Community on Facebook to stay up to date with the newest release.

It is not the year we planned, but we believe God is still at work through His church. CIY will continue to be here for you, even if we can’t meet you in person. Keep up the good work. It counts.

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MOVE/AT and MIX/AT Registration Closes August 15!

This summer has been different and difficult. We know you were hopeful for a very different summer than you ended up with. Instead, we’ve canceled, rescheduled, opened, reopened, Zoomed, and pivoted. Hang in there. This isn’t God’s first pandemic. The church has been through much worse than COVID-19 and was created as a beautiful, resilient, reminder of how God’s Spirit uses ordinary people to make a life-changing difference anytime, anywhere. We are God’s church, created to do good work. And that’s never canceled. No matter what, God has you where you are in this time for a reason. Listen to the Spirit and follow where It leads.

We are here for you. We wake up every day deeply committed to serving the local church, and we have some big plans in store for this fall. But for us to drive forward, we will be closing registration for MOVE/AT and MIX/AT on August 15th. That does not mean the digital content will become unavailable. It just means that if you are interested in using MOVE/AT or MIX/AT for a summer event or a retreat later in the year, you will need to jump online and register before August 15th.

Register for MIX/AT

Register for MOVE/AT

We love your church. Our desire is to serve you and partner with you to create moments that inspire Kingdom work.

Previous Update: June 15

CIY Summer Events Update

As the COVID-19 pandemic developed, our team at Christ In Youth knew that we would be hit hard. We host events and trips. We hang out in crowds. Unfortunately, so does the Coronavirus. So over the last couple of months, we have agonized over whether we can safely and wisely host on-site events. Last week we sent out cancelation notices to the remaining on-site events scheduled for 2020. For the first time in our 50+ year history, CIY will not be holding any on-site events. This breaks our hearts. We love worshipping alongside you. We love hearing stories in Adult Leader Meetings. We know that summer experiences play a pivotal role in the lives of students and are often a catalyzing moment for youth ministries. We’re sad because we love your church. If you didn’t receive an email – will you let us know? It is important to us that we connect with you about your event.

CIY may not be hosting any on-site events this summer. But summer isn’t canceled. And Kingdom Work Never Stops.

The team came together to dream, plan, design, and create an experience for youth ministries to use in whatever context they find themselves this summer. All in just 10 weeks. It should have been impossible. And it would have been impossible if we tried to do it on our own. But through the grace and power of Jesus, and the inspiration of generous partner churches and individuals, we launched MOVE/AT and MIX/AT last week. It’s LIVE! Content available! Boxes being mailed! 

Register for MIX/AT and MOVE/AT to start planning a memorable experience for your students!

Register for MIX/AT

Register for MOVE/AT

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MOVE/AT and MIX/AT Content Now Available!

The team has been working around the clock to produce MOVE/AT and MIX/AT experiences that are just as flexible as you have proven to be. What exactly are MOVE/AT and MIX/AT? Click above to hear from two youth workers planning to use the experiences this summer.

We’re excited to announce that MOVE/AT and MIX/AT content is now available! Visit 

What do I do once I get there?

Bookmark the page and take the tour! You'll see Livestream dates, on-demand content, and a link to a How-To page. The How-To page is filled with informational videos, PDFs, and downloadable content. Leverage this page to put on the best experience for your group. And if you're planning to use a Livestream experience, we still recommend that you review all of the content!

When will I get my box?

We are packing boxes right now. Your box should arrive within the next two weeks. Each box contains enough material for twenty-five participants. If your order is for more than twenty-five participants, you'll receive a separate envelope with additional material. Contact us at if you have any questions or issues when you receive your box.

CLICK HERE to request more material.

Previous Update: May 15

CIY Team Update

In response to the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, Christ in Youth has canceled dozens of events and trips. Every cancelation has produced ministry and financial loss. We are grateful for our partner churches and individuals, like you, who continue to support CIY during this time. Your belief in Kingdom work and your financial investments have sustained CIY through this unique season.

Even with your generosity, the financial loss has required additional steps as we move forward to ensure a healthy future. This week, Christ in Youth leadership had to make a very difficult decision to release members of our staff.

This process has been painful, and we believe these short-term decisions are necessary to ensure the long-term health of CIY, enabling the mission of calling young people to Kingdom work to continue in 2021 and beyond. The entire organization agonizes the loss of each individual who has been released from our team and invites you to join us in prayer for them, their families, and their next steps. Our team is grateful for the talents they shared with us during their tenure, and trust that God will continue to use them to bless the Kingdom in the years to come.

Previous Update: May 7

MIX/AT and MOVE/AT Registration NOW OPEN!

Registration for MIX/AT and MOVE/AT is now open. We know you have a lot on your mind about what summer looks like – from financial implications to safety concerns. We’re here for you whether you plan to join us at a physical event or whether you plan to join us wherever you're at.

Register for MIX/AT
Register for MOVE/AT

We want to partner with you to call young people to Kingdom work no matter where you’re at this summer. We’ll continue to be transparent: we’re building this experience at this very moment. You probably have questions about MIX/AT and MOVE/AT. So we invited real-life youth minister, Anne Wilson, to join us and ask some of your most pressing questions.


What are MIX/AT and MOVE/AT?

MIX/AT and MOVE/AT are reimagined summer events designed to serve your youth ministries wherever they’re at this summer.

What does it include?

We are taking all of the pieces you would expect to see at a summer event and redesigning them to fit multiple contexts. We’re still building the entire experience, but we know that it will include:

  • Three fully themed hour-long evening sessions with worship, messages, games, and response elements designed to be something to do, not something to watch.
  • Two extended morning small group sessions through the CIY Convos App, an app designed to help small groups have meaningful conversations.
  • Two personal study experiences through the CIY SELAH App, an app developed to deliver a powerful quiet time on the go.
  • Large group recreational activities that can be used either in person or at a distance.
  • Physical materials for each student like student books and event response pieces to interact with during sessions.

How can I use MIX/AT and MOVE/AT?

There will be two ways to view evening sessions. Either through a live stream scheduled for specific dates and times throughout the summer (TBD) or through downloadable pre-recorded content. The beauty of MIX/AT and MOVE/AT is that they are designed for you to dream up the most ideal summer experience for your group and have all of the content you need to pull it off.

When can I sign up?

You can sign up NOW. Click the buttons above to register!

How much is it?

The experience is FREE. However, because interaction is foundational to a summer experience, there are physical materials that you will need for a MOVE/AT or MIX/AT experience. MOVE/AT and MIX/AT are not something to watch, they are something to do. We're asking that you pay for those physical materials - just $59.95 for every 25 participants.

Previous Update: May 1

NEWLY Updated MOVE & MIX Registration Policies

Our team at CIY has worked to stay in constant communication with you as we approach summer. The situations are changing rapidly and differently, depending on your local and state governments. Our desire is to hold on-site events this summer, but the current climate demands that we all remain extremely flexible in our decision-making processes. Moving forward, our team will be making final decisions about holding on-site events six weeks before each event is scheduled. You can expect direct communication about your event’s status and your options at that time. Because our events are held across the nation, our team has determined that a national decision is not in your best interest. Therefore, we will be using the following criteria to lead our decision-making process for each location:

  • Is it possible? Do federal, state, and local policies, as well as venue partners, allow for the event to be held?
  • Is it safe? Can we meet and exceed government social distancing recommendations and health guidelines?
  • Is it wise? Can we anticipate that attendance numbers will support the event?

Additionally, we are updating our registration policies to give you more freedom in the process. At the outset of the COVID-19 crisis in mid-March, we communicated that the second deposit for a summer Christ in Youth event would be due on May 1st. After listening to you, we have realized that timeframe is still not realistic. We are responding by adjusting the second deposit due date to 30 days before your event is scheduled to begin. We are also extending the full refund to that same time marker. If you need to change your registration in any way, including canceling your trip or opting for MOVE/AT or MIX/AT, we’re here to make that process as easy as possible.

Additionally, we are now not requesting full payment until 21 days before your event is scheduled to begin. Hopefully, this gives you more time to make decisions with your church leadership, parents, and young people about how CIY can best serve you this summer. You can see the fully updated 2020 registration policies here:

If it seems like we are changing things a lot, it’s because we are. We desire to work with you throughout this process, and we are committed to continuing to adapt our next steps with you in mind. If we can assist, please reply to this email and someone from our team will be in touch right away. We’ll do our best to have your back no matter what. 

Kingdom work never stops,

-The CIY Team

Previous Update: April 23


Last week we introduced MOVE/AT and MIX/AT – summer events reimagined to fit wherever your youth ministry is at this summer.

We've been receiving a lot of questions about MOVE/AT and MIX/AT. Where can I register? When is it? What can I expect? And most frequently: how much does it cost? Our team is working on a way forward, and we’d like to invite you to be a part of it. Would you consider partnering with us this summer, even if we are unable to hold on-location events? Doing so could allow us to do something bigger than we could have ever imagined. CIY President Jayson French explains what we could do together here:

We hope that we can reimagine what summer looks like together. Our heart in these AT experiences is to work to serve the Church. But your continued support and partnership allow us to ask, “what if we could do more together?” With the help of partner churches, we're excited to make MOVE/AT and MIX/AT available to any and every church. 

Previous Update: April 20

Updated MOVE and MIX Registration Policies

Why change the registration policy in April? We want to offer as much flexibility to churches as we can while also providing the best opportunity to other churches to get registered for an event and allow CIY to provide our campus partners with accurate attendance information as event dates approach.

What if I need to drop some of the spots I originally registered? You can reduce your number of registered spots until May 1 without it costing you anything. CIY will roll the additional deposit money onto the balance for the group.

Are High Demand Events still a thing? For 2020, not anymore. We are going to use the same registration policy for all MOVE & MIX events this summer. Locations previously treated as high demand will no longer have added restrictions or requirements.

What do I need to do on/before May 1? Pay the 2nd deposit of $50/person. If you reduced your number before May 1 and those additional deposit funds were rolled over to the balance contact us, and we can tell you how much needs to be sent to complete deposit 2.

What if my event gets canceled after May 1? You’ll get a call from us to discuss options. You’ll be able to switch events, go with the MOVE/AT or MIX/AT experience, or ask for a refund. Deposit 2 will be refundable.

You can find the complete 2020 registration policy here:

Previous Update: April 14

Introducing MOVE/AT and MIX/AT

CIY is still planning to hold physical MOVE and MIX events all across the country. Why? Because we want to see you this summer. If we can meet safely, we will be ready. We recognize that there’s a chance that won't happen, but we want to be ready either way. We believe that God still has plans to call young people to Kingdom work no matter what summer holds. We want summer 2020 to be a great one for your youth group, even if it is different too.

So we’re introducing MOVE/AT and MIX/AT. 

Our team has reimagined MOVE and MIX for wherever your youth ministry is at this summer. This contingency plan is digital but completely interactive. We’re reformatting the building blocks of MOVE and MIX for you. All of the moments, challenges, small group content, and videos that you’ve come to expect from CIY are part of the reimagined format. MOVE and MIX are yours and will work within whatever restrictions are in place.

CIY has always been committed to serving your church, and that’s not going to stop now. We’re offering access to our summer programming through MOVE/AT and MIX/AT. Use them however you want. Adapt the content or involve more students than you had planned to take to an on-location event. Whatever. It’s all yours. MOVE/AT and MIX/AT will help you connect with students and give them a chance to hear the call to Kingdom work this summer.

We have your back because Kingdom work never stops!

Previous Update: April 3

Important Update: CIY Coronavirus Plan

Due to the specific recommendations of the Center for Disease Control and local governments regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19), Christ In Youth has decided to cancel all events scheduled to take place in March and April 2020. Unfortunately, we will not have the opportunity to reschedule any of these events. Canceled events are:

  • SuperStart in Indianapolis, IN scheduled for March 13-14
  • SuperStart in Chicago, IL scheduled for March 20-21
  • Believe in Atlanta, GA scheduled for March 13-14
  • Believe in Kansas City, MO scheduled for March 27-28
  • Believe in Anderson, IN scheduled for April 17-18
  • Believe in Anderson, IN scheduled for April 18-19
  • Believe in Holland, MI scheduled for April 24-25

CIY will honor all refund policies regarding the cancelation of events and will issue refunds in the coming days. Accounts paid via credit card will be refunded back to your card. Accounts paid via check will be mailed a refund check.

CIY is committed to hosting MOVE, MIX, and Engage this summer as we continue to monitor Coronavirus (COVID-19). To create space for decision making, we are extending the April 1st deadline until May 1st. We hope this will provide time and space to handle sensitive issues that are changing every day.

We appreciate your partnership while we navigate ever-changing information. Here's where we are today:

  • All CIY programming is canceled for March and April 2020.
  • The April 1st deadline is extended to May 1st for MOVE and MIX events.

Our team is here for you and will do everything we can to serve your ministry. Please contact with any questions or concerns.

For free digital resources to use during the Coronavirus pandemic, click here.

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